With The History of Investment Casting Spanning Back To 1800 BC

With The History of Investment Casting Spanning Back To 1800 BC where it was used for artwork, it has emerged as one of the leading manufacturing processes. This methodology of investment casting is popular in India and is known for its ability to resist high temperatures and pressure while being available at affordable prices.

Popularly known as lost was casting, the investment Castings Manufacturers India method which results in the shaping of the metals is one of the oldest techniques adopted by many industries in the country.

The most common metals used for the investment casting include materials like aluminium, copper and steel to name a few. As a metal-forming technique, investment casting is widely used for products in the aircraft and power industries. The other industries that make use of the investment castings include manufacturers of pumps, chemicals, food processing, general engineering industries and so on. The weights of these castings manufacturing vary from industry to industry.

The investment casting process is not simple yet the results are amazing.  The method of metal cast is a time taking and it results in the development of intricately designed components. The various stages in the investment casting involve tooling, injection of patterns, assembly of the patterns, shell building, de-waxing and pre-firing. This is followed by casting, cleansing and then finally casting removal.

Some of the main advantages of the investment casting over the other processes include its design flexibility. Using this technique, any number of complicated shapes can be manufactured with much ease and precision. In addition to this, the investment casting facilitates light-weight yet stronger components for the clients. Consistency and integrity are two other features that are certainly guaranteed by the investment casting process.

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